WhoHears - Issue #13

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This is our 11th weekly gems playlist. The “go-to” place for discovering and enjoying interesting music gems picked by real genuine people.

Thank you for joining us in our mission to share the love for music!

This week favorite DJ gem:

DJ OKAPI - Digging up rare vinyl grooves in the city of gold, DJ Okapi brings a forgotten era of South African pop music back to life…

DJ OKAPI's pick for this week.

DJ OKAPI's pick for this week.

The Bees - Hlabalaza

Cannot stress enough how AMAZING and UNDERRATED this record is .

Released: 1988


Gems picked from the vaults of collectors:

Virgo Four - Take Me Higher

Inconvenient truth you don’t want to know: you are part of the masses of today. We all are. And yet it’s totally cool that you appreciate this kind of music. I do too.


D.K. - Softest Place

Pure value .


Love From San Francisco - Keep Rockin

I play this track in all my sets!!! The piano break always rock the crowd. Peace .


Son.Sine - Upekah

It changed my vision when I was 16 .


The Connection Machine - Blue genes copyshop

Top tune - I’m glad it’s a secret one - I can’t stop listening to it.


d5 - sides of space

So fragile and tender .


Playlist of the 11th week:

Full playlist of this week.

Full playlist of this week.

Week 11


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