WhoHears - Issue #14

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This is our 12th weekly gems playlist. The “go-to” place for discovering and enjoying interesting music gems picked by real genuine people.

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This week favorite DJ gem:

DJ HARVEY - “You can’t understand the blues until you’ve had your heart broken and you can’t understand my music until you’ve had group sex on Ectacy.”

Dj Harvey's pick for this week.

Dj Harvey's pick for this week.

Risque - Starlight

Still no comments?! I hate to be the first. Okay then - this is weapons a grade tune.

Released: 1982


Gems picked from the vaults of collectors:

Ron Trent - Altered States

When I die, my copy will be buried with me. This is the record that defined the 90s for me.


Rasoul & McCarthy - Retrospect

Holy shit this kind of music existed in ‘99? Damn this is some future sounding shit even now .


Chez Damier & MK - The Feeling

It doesn’t get any deeper than this . So fuckn beautiful .


Acasual - spring theory

I just gave every comment here a like, because it’s that kind of track.


Shinichi Atobe - The Red Line

Can’t get enough of this track . Emotionally raw. Masterpiece. Melancholic.


Arttu ft Jerry The Cat - Nuclear Funk

Dark and tense with percussions in plenty doses. Infectious heavy and sweaty.. Takes me back 12 years kinda.


Playlist of the first week:

Full playlist of this week.

Full playlist of this week.

Week 12


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