WhoHears - Issue #3

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This is our third issue. The “go-to” place for discovering and enjoying interesting music gems picked by real genuine people.

Thank you for joining us in our mission to share the love for music!

This week favorite DJ gem:

PALMS TRAX’S - joyful spontaneity is keeping old music fresh. There’s a boldness of melody and a unabashed joyfulness in the way he confidently weaves between genres, from city to city, continent to continent, era to era. There’s also a total absence of snobbery. Maybe it’s his background…

Palms Trax's pick for this week.

Palms Trax's pick for this week.

Montego Bay - Everything

Palms Trax blew the roof off Dekmantel with this tune, was probably the track of the entire festival. Relatively undiscovered gem.Fantastic song. Amazed I never heard it before. Highest recommendation.

Released: 1992


Gems picked from the vaults of collectors:

Chris Brann: Studies in Form

So much great music … so under appreciated … so little time! Nice!


Soichi Terada & Shinichiro Yokota - ‎Shake Yours

This is a must for any lover of classic house and is extremely rare by the looks of it, find it, buy it!


Brett Johnson - Sigh Of Relief - Original

“Sigh Of Relief” is a totally uplifting, addictive, blissful, unpretentious tech-house odyssey.


MBG - The Quiet (MBG International) 1991

If “The Quiet” was the last record I was ever to hear I would die a happy man. My prized plate! Deep house of the highest quality.


Watt Noize - Its My Life (Max D Edit)

This one make me cry everytime (tears of joy). As top as top can get, emotion and soul into this you can bet .


Round Two - New Day (feat. Andy Caine) (Vocal Mix)

After all this years it still makes me shiver, cry, gives goose bumps and is one of the best love songs I have ever heard.


Playlist of the third week:

Full playlist of this week.

Full playlist of this week.

Week 3


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